Death & Misadventure in the Blue Mountains of NSW

An amazing read from cover to cover

Mountains Mishaps tells the story of search and rescue operations, the rescuers, the people who are rescued, and other incidents, in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.  Readers will not only enjoy some terrific stories, but also learn how to enjoy their trip in the Blue Mountains without embarrassment, injury or death.

Mountains Mishaps detailis more than 620 incidents across the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area over the course of the last 150 years. The book is an extensive historical catalogue of search and rescue operations and highlights the dangers of exploring the national park when unprepared and inexperienced.


Stories range from rescues in the bush to road, air, and railway incidents. Unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters such as snow storms, floods, landslides and tremors also feature. The local history of the geology of the area, as well as its railway and emergency services are included.  The incredible bravery and selfless efforts of professional and volunteer rescuers resound in every incident recorded.

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